Clean the code of exceltogoogle xls

By Helmuti_pdorfHelmuti_pdorf on 1280164606|%e %b %Y|agohover, last edit by Helmuti_pdorfHelmuti_pdorf on 1280164652|%e %b %Y, %H:%M|agohover

Well, the code I wrote works. It might help using the HowTo:sortable-tables solution.

  • there is a bunch of unnecessary stuff in it taken from previous ExcelToWikidot macro
  • the first and last parts of wikidot & html code should be taken out from the vba code et simply put in a separate spreadsheet as parameter (but in this case, I don't know if the addins .xla would see it)
  • examine whole columns' content to guess column format (not only the 2nd row)
  • translate null values to zero for numbers and to false for boolean
  • try to escape single quotes (note that double quotes must already be doubled in VBA code)
  • try to find whether the google api has foreseen any filter by value

Hey young programmers, please have a go!

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