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The featured:sites page was created at a time LastPages did not exist…
Need for a change, as it was done for the blog: pages.

What to do:

  • Use a live _template instead of the deprecated [[include]]
  • Do something to deal with custom domains.
  • update the current featured:_template (done)
    • delete the include right-column in pages ( done)
    • replace it with _template blocks (similar to blog:_template, done)
  • change template:featured accordingly (done)
    • (keep guidlines on screenshot size)
    • append "====" to create a %%content{2}%% field, i.e. things to make appear on homepage (done)
  • Community homepage (done)
    • delete the manual updated featured site (done)
    • replace it with technique (last/random) used at start-featured2 (done)
    • [[module ListPages category="featured" tags="_homepage" order="dateCreatedDesc" limit="1"]] (done)
  • apply a special tag "_homepage" when featured:website page is ready (to prevent display of featured:newwebsite" on homepage during creation) (done)
  • append "====" and a short summary to existing featured:pages (but if not done, **** are displayed)

New Module listpages with only _homepage:

left cell Featured site of the month

Random featured site

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