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There was / is a question about Edit-Sections of dataform fields pages on

This page is a test & try to have an "Edit-section" like behaviour with "dataform" pages -switching from one big dataform page like


page-title: **Friday**

+ Section One
**%%form_data{story1}%% / %%form_data{author1}%% / %%form_data{length1}%% inches**

+ Section Two
**%%form_data{story2}%% / %%form_data{author2}%% / %%form_data{length2}%% inches**

+ Section three

to a "live-able", "workable" solution like


page-title: **Friday**

+ Section  - **EDIT Section**
**%%form_data{story}%% / %%form_data{author}%% / %%form_data{length}%% inches**

+ Section  **EDIT Section**
**%%form_data{story}%% / %%form_data{author}%% / %%form_data{length}%% inches**

I use for this play

  • the (autonumbered) category "lit:" with dataform on the template page lit:_template and
  • the (autonumbered) category "lit-day:" with a (normal) template page lit-day:_template only to hold the (running) "day" with the calling "edit" buttons of the "sub-sections" of the "lit:##..##" stories"

For a "secure parenting" I would like to insert the pagepath ("belongs-to-day" ("lit-day") dataform field for selecting the current/running / belonging day - but this is not really neccessary - the parenting is in the history defined and secure enough I think.

ok. lets start with the lit: and lit-day: catepory ( both autonumbered) and a newpage button to add a NEW DAY :

Add a new day

Please: - give the autonumbered day pages a speaking title - like Friday (2012-09-07) !

Existing days (children)

Friday 2012-09-07 (edit: edit the day in a new window )

= > Number of stories: 2

ok - this is my first day to hold some stories..

Monday 2012-09-10 (edit: edit the day in a new window )

= > Number of stories: 1

Another terst-day for an insert of some stories.. All are invited to put in some stories!

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