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This page holds the project-plan-"Overview" for the "Quiz" Question - on the community by Brunhilda:
http://community.wikidot.com/forum/t-592063/making-of-a-test-using-data-forms (making a test with Dataforms)

other Quiz-related questions:

Used categories here on the playground:

  • "testa1:" (Answers) and
  • "testq1:" (Questions)

The idea is in general: to use different categories for questions and answers… with different view-permissions.

  • the questions are (autonumbered ?) testq1: pages, as children from quiz: series (to differentiate between single "tests" with one or more questions)
  • the autonumbered "given answers testa1: pages", as children from testq1: questions are only visible for the creators (and admins) .
  • the correct answers are tagged with _correct…
  • problem is to list answers to the correct users only… and to the admins (all) and to count the correct ones…


I have also started the same structure on my test site: http://helmuti-pdorf.wikidot.com/testq1:_start

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