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This page was created for the answer in the community forum thread:

Using snippets:image


This is a test to show the working of the snippets:image box.. to present it in a posting ( where "includes" are not working) .
Notice the image is set to floating=right !
And the "Title-text" is set into the caption to show it under the image!

Done with :

[[include :snippets:image

Another trick with Linefeed inside Cell:


Done is this with such a div and table:
the easiest was is to use the "space" + "underscore" trick for a linefeed inside a table-cell ( must be the last characters in a line!)

[[div style="float:right;margin-left:20px;"]]
||~ [[[text...|Text...]]] ||
|| [[image flickr:4949047179 size="small"]] _

a) The normaly missing "float=right" (the image-floating is working only inside the table-cell !) has to be done with a [[div style="float:right;"]] over the table..
b) The "Title-text" UNDER the image is "not centered" - it ( and the complete line of it ) is the "rest" of the image cell above.
If you want to have this text centered than you can create an extra cell for it or use the expanded table source code where you can blank out the cell borders.. ( and make the text inside the "invisible cell centered").

Hope this helps!

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