Listpages For Logged In User Only

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using the ListUsers module to get the logged-ion user
and than calling over a link another page with the ListPages module wanted using the parameter "created_by"={$variable_name} ( from the ListUser module

[[module ListUsers users="."]]
[* See your own pages]
<<--  this  is the important trick where you can built in an extra page  "listpages-for-logged-in-user-only1" with a standard  text of your ListPages module  the used include with the variable Name ,
and the called ( by link)  page could  use  the ListPages using the found logged in user as a variable in the url:
[[module ListPages  order="created_at desc"  category="*" created_by="@URL" separate="false" prependLine="||~ Title ||~ User ||~ at ||" appendline="||||||||~ ||" ]]
||%%title_linked%% || %%created_by%% || %%created_at%% ||

++In Action

Only for following user:

Thanks to user SimonHDickinson, who have posted this trick on our forum!
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