Playing With Listpages2

See also the live-template page:list2:_template

This is not working ! the fields outout1-3 are not replace "inside the module" into the wished parameter!

1. Parameter edit-call


A click on the codes above opens the edit of the parameter!

2. Generated Code

And this is the created/updated code of the LIstpages Module:

3. Generated Output

The generated output of the LIstPages module above:

sorting by: title
pagetype: normal
category: css
output1: %%fullname%%
output2: %%title_linked%%
output3: %%created_by_linked%%

%%form_raw{output1}%% : %%%%form_raw{output1}%%%%
%%form_data{output2}%% : %%form_data{output2}%%
%%form_data{output3}%% : %%form_data{output3}%%

4. Content

Content (shows only the codes, not the values!):
sel-page-type: '0'
sel-category: '12'
sel-order: '4'
output1: '2'
output2: '4'
output3: '15'

5. Dataform fields

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