Gallery (Central Storage Area for Graphics & Pictures)

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User Instructions:

Just copy the code of this whole page and paste it into any (empty) page, where you want to start and install a Graphics and Picture Archive.
You can use the new function to upload new files straight away after saving the page.
- You can name the page any file name allowed. If you use a leading UNDERSCORE "_" (e.g.: "_GFX", it will not be listed in searches.

Please note:
You will get the Error Message "Error selecting page.", or "Sorry, no images found attached to this page.", as long as there are no pictures loaded in this 'GALLERY'.

You can directly TRY the function out HERE, to UPLOAD and DELETE image files !
Just click on "Upload more Graphics Files now!" below, or the normal Files button below.
- Please do not forget to REFRESH the page after uploads or deletes, to view the new results.

This Page is the Central Storage Area for PICTURE Files:

Upload more Graphics Files now!


Wikidot Syntax to display pictures

Syntax to display on THIS page:

[[=image thumbs_up.gif]]

Syntax to display on ANOTHER page on this Wiki:

[[=image  /_gfx/thumbs_up.gif]]

Get more Information & Sample Code for displaying PICTURE Files

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