1. Explanation:

This is for an example of a database record page for a specific TOWN with
it's interesting data: Name ( Title of the page) , Country, Number of people, Capital-switch

Please - if you want to create another entry with another town - use the Buttons on the right side:
the page name of this created "record" is "db4town:NNNnumber" using the category "db4town" and the existing _template for it!
You have to use the "Form" of the _template with the field-variables!

2. Database fields:

Country of the town : Italy
Living people (count) : 390.000
Is this a Capital-town? : No

2.1. Free wiki text ( last field "freetext2")

pied from the old db2town: records

2.2. Childpages

2.3. Backlinks

3. Form used here:

      type: static
      value: Please fill out the upper title field with the NAME of the Town
       label: Country of the town
       type: pagepath
       category: db3country
       label: Living people (count)
       type: text
       width: 30
      label: Is this a Capital-town?
      type: select
        1: "Yes"
        2: "No"
       label: Free Wiki source text to comment what ever
       type: wiki

4. Tips:

Be carefully with the indent in the form! ( always 2 characters! ) or your form will not work…
You will find the doumentation on:

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