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Data Forms are very powerful, but somehow cryptic, if you just glance through the coding …
- Let's try a Public Hands-On !!

Problem No 1 is that the FIELDS are set for the whole category, so see this as a Table of a Database, making it a structured page, unlike a Wiki page which is unstructured and free form, so to speak.

I'd also like to play around with the following and find out how it works:
- Does that give a (structured) Form an unstructured (free-form) Wiki field ?

    label: Fancy text field
    type: wiki

I would also like to and try to tag all used pages by using the tag: [dataform-test], so it can easily be tracked. ;-)

As Categories, I will use the "DF-Test_%NUMBER%" Naming Structure.
List all current Database Fields for Data Form Test using a DF-Test Lister.

[[Module ListPages *DF-Test*]]
%%title%% [%%category%%]


  1. DF-Test_001 [Template]
  2. DF-Test_002 [Template]
  3. DF-Test_002 [Template]
  4. DF-Test_002 [Template]
  5. DF-Test_002 [Template]
  6. DF-Test_002 [Template]
  7. DF-Test_002 [Template]

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