1. Explanation:

This is (per live _template) one record shown of the database-record "dashboard:" please - do not change the template!

Please - if you want to create another entry with another Site - use the Button right side!
The page name of this "record" is "dashboard:NNnumber" using the category "dashboard" and the existing _template for it!
You have to use the "Form" of the _template with the field-variables!
Copied from the Dashboard project ( ) I used here my onw test-try:
(Helmuti_pdorf's Dashboard :

  • Sites are categorized by parent section
    • forum, discussion (e.g. community, forum), red
    • knowledgebase (e.g. snippets, handbook), blue
    • formal specifications (e.g. doc), black
    • reusable pieces (e.g. themes, packages, includes, irongiant), green
    • applications (e.g. youreview, havemycv,, purple
    • news, blogs (e.g., silver
    • admins can make new sections, obviously
  • Site OUTPUT is: url, description, and auto-generated thumbnail
  • Site entries are rated and tagged arbitrarily by users

For dashboard sites:

  • explanation of site or section
  • what kind of membership
  • who can edit, who not
  • names of admins ( or MA)
  • for getting help

2. Database Fields:

Short-Desc : Free Wikidot Apps : a collection of projects and their templates for faster start
Master-Admin(User-id) : pieterh
Section : green
Who-can-edit : Members
Cloning-allowed : - Yes -

Long-text(wiki) :

The first place to search for an usefull application

Free Wiki text (last field):

tagged with _level2 _irongiant

2.2. Childpages

2.3. Backlinks

3. Form used here:

      type: static
      value: Please fill out the upper title field with the Title of the Site
       label: Short-Desc
       type: text
       width: 60
       label: Master-Admin(User-id)
       type: text
       width: 30
       label: Section
       type: select
          1: red
          2: blue
          3: black
          4: green
          5: purple
          6: silver
       label: Who-can-edit
       type: select
          1: Anonymous
          2: Reg.Users
          3: Members
          4: Admins
       label: Cloning-allowed
       type: select
          1: - No -
          2: - Yes -
          3: Unknown
       label: Long-text(wiki)
       type: wiki
       label: Free Wiki source text
       type: wiki

4. Tips:

Be carefully with the indent in the form! ( always 2 characters! ) or your form will not work…
You will find the doumentation on:

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