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This page is a test of the - written by Kenneth Tsang .#
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1. Prerequisit

1.1. API Key

This is normally a Pro Account feature!

For Backup you need an API Key in your Account setup ( 32 character long)
- reading for backup and
- read/write for Restore

1.2 Site setup

Yur Site manager have to ALLOW the usage of API !
Setup in the site manager!

1.3. Only Windows

At the moment this runs only on Windows

1.4. No Files backed up

You should have made a "normal" Backup of your site on the site manager ( zip or tar) and downloaded it to your local hard disc
This creates 2 directories:
\source - which contains the source - text of every page as a file name like the full page-name
\files - which contains for every page with attached files a directory name like the full-pagename and inside this directory the files
This is to be sure that you have for yourself all the uploaded files!

1.5. No Metatags backed up

There is at the moment no backup of metatags possible.

2. Backup Download

[[iframe scrolling="yes" height="660px" width="400px" frameborder="1"]]

Make a download of the wdbackup-selfextracting file into one of your data directories on WINDOWS .
This creates a /backup directory to hold your backups and a /php directory with the software

3. Backup run

Run backupWindows.bat !
(see the logfiles collapsed down…)
Remember: You need an API Key - read for backup , write for restore!)

Please enter your site name: helmuti-pdorf
- Checking for permission…
- INFO: Your site has 540 pages.
- INFO: This backup will take approx. 334.82 seconds.
Do you wish to continue? (y/n) y
- INFO: Writing backup data to backups/backup-helmuti-pdorf-1593938008.wdbak

- INFO: Backing up (1 of 540): nav:top
- INFO: Backup completed in 358.00 seconds.

log file:

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