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This page was created because of the question on community forum: related to the page (Page source for revision no. 23 )
(the source of !)

It was my own security checker ( Kaspersky) which stopped the "data collection" ( Amazon?) of this website (community-playground.wikidot) !
When I go to kaspersky menu on firefox and allow the data collection for this website - than all iframes work well!

These books are written about our immediate local area, and then topics of related interest and the wider Scottish history.

Miss Kathleen Hunter
Argyll Herbal Remedies and Natural Medicines - A folded leaflet of 8 pages, together with two separate leaflets and price sheets - "New Introductions for 1968" and Argyll Herbal Cosmetics.

Issued from Barcardine House, Connel, Argyll.

(and buying these below through these Amazon links also provides a few pennies into the archive kitty)

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