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This is the (english) admin forum. Here you can search for existing threads, start a new thread, and take part in active threads. You can bookmark this site and visit for updates, or you can watch the site, sections, or threads via email notifications.
The description of this admin-forum setup is stored on admin-forum

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Forum management:

- Forum guide
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Thread management:

- To make a thread sticky, tag it '_sticky'.
- To close a thread, tag it '_closed'.
- To create a task, tag it '_task'.
Open tasks: (More...)
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This is the place to discuss admin questions for the setup of the wiki -design, layu, structur, permissins.
And to store the decisions.

31 Jan 2011 15:38 Helmut_pdorf



This is the place where visitors can test all the sub-thread, tasks and guesbook activities…

31 Jan 2011 15:43 Helmut_pdorf



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