Welcome to the Test Area & Playground!

The reason for this site is to have a test and demonstration area parallel to the community. The site is for the community admins to showcase features and functionality and not to overload the "official" Community site with tests.

If you are not a community admin you are nevertheless very welcome here to see how certain features and functionality are achieved and to see them in action.

The rules

Everything is allowed with only one exception please:

  • no deletion of work where you were NOT the only creator. Even if you were the sole creator, it could be a valuable work (to study and even serve as an idea, for further improvements), which is better to be saved for others to make use of ( rename/move to archive: category )

Please - use the "_default" category for showcases and

  • tag the article with _archive if should be in archive

If you want to comment an article - please use the discuss button ( at the bottom )

Our Showcases & Demos

I would like to ask all players here to use the "parenting" system we have here. Below is an overview of the site-map. Please make sure you use the start page as the parent for your test or demo otherwise we will end up with a "wild growing" playground and will have to live with a jungle.
- You can now simply use the NewPage button with Parent="start:start".

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